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Applying to be a production assistant: What you need to know

Applying to be a production assistant: What you need to know

The job of production assistant is a widespread occupation, especially in industrial and manufacturing trades. Would you like to apply to be a production assistant? Then you’ve come to the right place! At DEKRA Arbeit, you will find out exactly what you need to know about applying to be a production assistant.

About us: DEKRA Arbeit GmbH, which has existed since 1998, is a personnel service provider from Osnabrück in Lower Saxony. We specialize in the placement of technically competent staff at interested companies. With us you can find out all there is to know about work, the job search, and the application process.

What does a production assistant do?

The production assistant job is widespread in many sectors of the economy. As a production assistant, you will perform largely simple and supporting activities in the manufacturing process of various industrially produced goods. The activities of a production assistant include equipping machines to carry out automated work processes, operating and cleaning them, and occasionally and in certain situations also carry out minor maintenance and repair measures on them. Over the course of your mostly physical and active work, you will support the specialists of a company and thus ensure that work and production processes run smoothly.

What do I need to bring with me to successfully apply to be a production assistant?

The activities of the production assistant mostly include primarily simple activities that can also be carried out by unskilled employees. As a result, the job of production assistant is also suitable for newcomers and those making a career change in a professional field or industry. The reasons for a job change can be varied and should always be outlined in the text of your application. Job changes have a wide range of reasons that may include both personal or professional circumstances.

In which industries are production assistants needed?

The job of production assistant is in great demand in sectors in which goods are industrially produced on a large scale. The individual industries could hardly be more different in terms of the goods they produce. Some examples include:

  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Wood
  • Precision engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • And many more

What should be considered when applying to be a production assistant?

Would you like to apply to be a production assistant? There are a few things to keep in mind that depend on your personal work situation, the nature of your application, and also the company. DEKRA Arbeit GmbH explains:

First of all, you should first determine what type of application is needed. There are traditionally two options: the conventional application in response to an advertised job opening and an unsolicited application. While the first variant is largely self-explanatory, it is important to ensure that the application makes it clear for which position you are applying. Typically, this is handled in the subject line of an application via email. A typical subject line for a conventional application as a production assistant could therefore be “Application to be a production assistant.” Additionally, the text of the application should refer to the advertised job.

With an unsolicited application, on the other hand, you’re applying on your own initiative and not in response to a job advertisement. Since there is often a great need for staffing in the area of production assistance, an unsolicited application can also be useful in order to create a new employment relationship. It is particularly important that your application shows that it is an unsolicited application. This can also typically be done initially via the subject line of the application email. In addition, in the case of an unsolicited application, you should note that the “justification” for your hiring may heavily depend on your application email.

Experienced or changing careers?

Given the minimal requirements in terms of specialist knowledge for the role of production assistant, an application as a career starter or career changer also makes sense. What you therefore ought to keep in mind and how your application may differ from that of an experienced employee can be found below:

Here, too, it is important that you highlight in your application exactly what experience you have in the area of production assistance, so as not to undersell yourself as an experienced production assistant. On the other hand, as a newcomer or someone changing careers, you should explain why you are motivated to get started in the job. Are you interested in manufacturing? Are you a hard worker or a quick learner? These are good arguments in your favor as a production assistant, regardless of your experience in the area of work.

The structure of an application to be a production assistant

Once these questions have been successfully answered, you can begin working on your application. This typically consists of a cover letter, CV and, if applicable, related certificates.

The cover letter is used to set the tone of your application and to explain the nature of the (unsolicited) application. In addition, what motivates you and your identification with the company should be demonstrated in the cover letter.

In addition to your personal details, the CV primarily contains information about your previous jobs, typically starting with the most recent, as well as additional qualifications. Do you have a driver’s license, or better yet, a forklift license? This can be a decisive argument in your favor and should definitely not be omitted.

Have you also received any training or continuing education that is related to the job? This can also have a positive effect on your application and should always be included.

In summary: What you need to know about applying to be a production assistant

Applying to be a production assistant is worthwhile due to the minimal requirements and the easy-to-learn activity for all kinds of job seekers without mandatory professional experience. In addition, production assistants are sought in many industries. If you viewed a job advertisement, for example on our Job Market, or found a company for an unsolicited application, apply using our guidelines created above.

For additional questions on the topics of jobs and job applications, visit our website or blog to get the latest information on developments on all the different types of job markets.


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