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DEKRA ARBEIT Temp work that benefits both employees and companies

Flexibility, room for manoeuvre, and huge potential in personnel planning and recruitment: temporary employment is an indispensable part of today's job market, offering many advantages for both companies and employees. In the last few years, an average of almost one million temporary workers have been employed in German companies: young people starting out on their careers after completing their studies, career break returners, “unskilled” workers, and above all also industrial and commercial specialists.

Qualified employees help to bridge personnel shortages in companies who have to deal with sudden job peaks or staff absences. Short-term staffing needs – a classic opportunity for temp work, paving the way for job applicants and even allowing them to make the leap out of unemployment. As a personnel service provider, DEKRA Arbeit accompanies you on this path. Instead of just a temp agency or employer of temp workers, DEKRA sees itself as a true partner to jobseekers.

DEKRA Arbeit – more than just a temp agency

Temp work (also known as contract work and personnel leasing) has long since lost the negative reputation it once had. This was due to the exploitation of temp workers and the misuse of temp contracts. These days, temp work is clearly regulated by law and provides leave entitlement, pro-rata pay, protection against dismissal, and many further benefits: promising employment prospects, valuable experience in exciting companies, acquisition of qualifications, new career opportunities, and the next steps on the career ladder. It is not unusual for temporary positions to turn into in long-term, permanent employment relationships. Businesses benefit from temp workers because of their quick availability, high levels of expertise and, ideally, their sharp learning curve, as they have already carried out the same or a similar job in other companies, or are even returning to the same company for the second, third or fourth time.

Temp work is available in a range of exciting industries, opening up many opportunities for your future career: from machine and vehicle construction and metalworking to the electronics industry and the service industry – the scope is enormous. Over the years, DEKRA Arbeit has established a large network of trusted companies throughout Germany which have flexible personnel requirements, and which need to find new employees and fill vacancies on a regular basis. Our recruitment agency establishes contact.

Whether you’re an applicant or a company: for many years DEKRA Arbeit has proved itself an experienced partner in personnel consulting and temporary employment. It represents an agency-oriented model of temporary work designed for sustainability rather than short periods of employment. Find jobs with a future: get in touch with us or discover our temp job market. We will find the ideal locations and companies for you, and manage the placement process from beginning to end. Get in touch with us!

Temp work

Almost everyone has heard the term temp work, but not many people know what it involves. Of course, it refers to temporary work, but is it just a temporary job or something more?

Did you know, for example, that the majority of temp workers ultimately end up working in permanent positions? And that they are entitled to all the usual employee rights such as holidays, sick pay and other social benefits?

In fact, the only thing temporary about the work is the workplace where the temp worker is employed. Temp work is undertaken in accordance with specific legal requirements, which initially establish a triangular relationship between the personnel service provider, the temporary employee and the hiring company. To begin with, a comprehensive profile is created on each temp worker, including their qualifications and experience. In the event that a customer requires exactly this employee profile, they are leased to the company by the personnel service provider for a certain period of time.

What do temps earn?

A temp worker’s basic salary depends on the salary agreed in the employment contract, which is usually regulated by collective agreements. For example, DEKRA Arbeit operates in accordance with the specifications of the German Trade Union Confederation and the Federal Employers' Association of Personnel Service Providers. Depending on the industry and the type and duration of the contract, the basic salary may also be supplemented by bonuses.

The only real difference between temp work and other permanent positions is that the customer workplace changes in the short to medium term. And even if there are no jobs available, you will still be employed by the personnel service provider and receive your regular salary during down times.

What kind of people are especially suited to temp work?

If you love new challenges or if you want to reorient your career, temp employment gives you the chance to get to know many different areas, companies and colleagues. And temp work is also ideal for jobseekers. Personnel service providers help you to identify your own strengths and find the ideal job. They offer genuine support and individual careers advice. And not infrequently, this experience leads to temp workers developing careers with customer companies. Around a third of temp workers find their new professional path in this way.

The success of the temporary employment model is also demonstrated by the anonymous employee surveys carried out by the DEKRA Arbeit Group. Approximately 95 percent of DEKRA’s temp workers are satisfied with their jobs. And the majority would recommend this way of working to friends. For many people, temp working is a modern, exciting, and genuine alternative to permanent positions. It offers plenty of work experience, provides new career opportunities, and temp workers are promoted and supported by experienced job market professionals.

There are many arguments in favour of DEKRA Arbeit GmbH’s agency-oriented model of temporary work. Especially on the corporate side, it is increasingly important to be able to react flexibly to changes in the order situation by adjusting staffing levels. Other temporary employee fluctuations due to illness, maternity leave or additional projects also contribute to making personnel planning an ongoing challenge.

At the same time, we offer our temp workers the opportunity to prove their worth on site with our customer companies, to re-enter the job market, or to find their dream job. And all this while enjoying a normal employment contract with all social security benefits. In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Thanks to our presence in over 120 locations throughout Germany and Europe, we are also able to take into account individual on-site needs.

The success of this model with our temp workforce is demonstrated by the results of our employee surveys. In the surveys, our temp workers underline the generally positive feedback, and have done for many years. So far, all employee surveys conducted show a consistently high satisfaction rate of between 83 and 91 percent.

Any other questions? Or want to find out about job opportunities in your region? Then get in touch with one of DEKRA Arbeit’s 120 branches throughout Germany!

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