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DEKRA Arbeit Group - we introduce ourselves

DEKRA Arbeit Group - we introduce ourselves

DEKRA. A traditional company that has represented quality and trust for over 90 years. DEKRA has built itself a worldwide reputation, especially in the field of vehicle roadworthiness tests and as an expert for assessments and certifications. However, for many years DEKRA has also been one of Germany’s leading service partners in the personnel field. For almost two decades, the DEKRA Arbeit Group has supported both employees and employers to find jobs and fill vacancies.

What exactly do we do?

Our core competence lies in our modern, placement-oriented concept of personnel service. DEKRA now has more than 110 branches throughout Germany, as well as a further 20 international sites. Locally we form a kind of link between people who are looking for a new professional perspective and companies with acute employee needs. We support both sides with our expert know-how, and apply our experience to finding tailor-made employment solution as quickly as possible.

How do we implement our solutions?

First of all, we take a close look at what is being sought in each individual case. So we create a profile for the jobseeker with the applicant’s qualifications, previous work experience and personal desires, strengths and weaknesses. And the employer does exactly the same on their side. They create a job profile which describes the vacant position, the duration of the employment, and the individual requirements, additional qualifications and empirical values. Based on this analysis, we then bring together what belongs together. Depending on the specific circumstances, this can take the form of temporary employment, in which case we hire an employee and lease them to the company for a certain period of time. Or it can take the form of classic job placement. Either way, applicants avoid the usually lengthy and very costly and time-consuming marathon application process.

And does it work?

Yes, it works very well indeed! The DEKRA Arbeit Group has received numerous awards and seals of approval for its personal, professional and trusting approach. Our employees and temporary employees provide impressive confirmation of this. In the most recent anonymous survey, 95 percent of respondents were satisfied with their employment, and more than a third were very satisfied.

Does DEKRA Arbeit offer any further services?

Our service portfolio covers almost all services in the personnel sector. We train and advise HR managers, support applicants and existing employees in their individual career planning with behavioural profile analyses, and provide experienced event staff for trade fairs and other events. Due to our proximity to the automotive sector, we also take on logistical challenges such as fleet management.

DEKRA Arbeit Group. By people - for people.

Video available to download: DEKRA_Arbeit_Gruppe_wir_stellen_uns_vor.zip

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