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Human Resources Management

Modern HR consulting is a mainstay of operational optimisation processes. Our HR Management department assists customers in ensuring that any required reorganisational measures are legally compliant. We provide professional advice, expert situation and potential analyses, as well as up-to-date outplacement to ensure that your employee structure is optimised, and that the company’s success and personnel efficiency are simultaneously improved.
Mittels professioneller Beratung, fachgerechter Ist- und Potenzialanalysen sowie modernem Outplacement wird die Mitarbeiterstruktur optimiert und gleichzeitig der Erfolg und die personelle Effizienz auf Unternehmensseite gesteigert.

Legally compliant HR consulting.
Professional. Sustainable. Efficient.

HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Human resources (HR) is changing increasingly rapidly. For this reason, it is not always easy for companies to keep abreast of all changes to the legal framework and the labour market. At the DEKRA Arbeit Group, we provide comprehensive advice on all innovations, looming additional costs and potential savings, as well as developments in the labour market. This means that you and your HR department are always up to date and, in collaboration with us, can implement the best HR strategy for your company. Legally compliant, cost-effective and future-oriented. In addition, we are happy to assist you with the implementation of targeted HR measures in the applicant selection process (assessment centre) or employee development (development centre/potential analysis/ retention management).

Interim Management

Interim management

For many years, the DEKRA Arbeit Group has supported customer companies from a wide range of industries in the provision of targeted human capital processes. We find and develop a targeted implementation strategy for your individual needs in order to solve existing problems and address internal changes. For every situation, for the duration of the vacancy or the planned project implementation, we will deploy experienced managers with the necessary know-how for your situation, thus ensuring the smooth implementation of your strategy. Here, you can benefit from our international network and our broadly diversified pool of experienced interim managers with industry-specific know-how.



In an age of internationalisation, digitisation and fluctuating markets, companies are increasingly having to face up to a process of change. Regardless of whether this takes the form of a relocation, merger, crisis or business expansion, in many cases, these processes directly affect the existing employee situation. In situations like this, DEKRA Arbeit is available to provide professional support and, on request, expert advice on outplacement. The terms “outplacement” or “external placement” refer to a service for departing employees financed by the company, which serves as an aid for professional reorientation - up to point at which the employees conclude a new contract or start a new business. This is a solution model that in many aspects significantly facilitates and accelerates the implementation of new ways of working.

Potential analysis

Potential analysis

It is not always easy to judge applicants completely on the basis of the documents provided, or to identify all their strengths or weaknesses before they start a potential new job. Even with existing employees, it is advisable to assess their development on a regular basis, including any shortcomings and/or unrecognised strengths and desires they may have. DEKRA Arbeit uses behavioural profile analysis to offer you an accurate, objective assessment of your recruitment candidates or employees. On the basis of these results, in a very short time you can gain valuable insights into their behaviour and suitability for certain roles, as well as ways to enhance their performance and continue their professional development. This is key information that directly affects the suitability of your employees for certain roles, and thus the company's success. It not only saves you a lot of time, hassle and money, but also directly contributes to strengthening the team structure, retaining high-performers in the long term, and effectively reducing employee turnover in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

HR / employment law seminars

HR / Labour Law workshops

Especially in the personnel services industry, there are frequent changes in the legislation regarding the provision and placement of personnel. Even general topics such as the drafting of employment contracts, employee rights or termination options, can often pose confusing challenges. So that our customers can stay up to date with the latest changes and processes, we given them the option to attend regular employment law events free of charge, presented by qualified experts from different disciplines. At these regional events held throughout Germany, customers receive a transparent explanation of the legal situation, and are given valuable tips on how to deal with these circumstances in individual circumstances and how to avoid breaking the law. On request, in addition to our regular events we can also organise in-house seminars for your HR department.

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