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Due to increasing digitisation and internationalisation, new markets and business areas are constantly opening up for your company. At the same time, your products and services are becoming visible to a wider marketing area and a larger target audience, and you also need to meet modern transport and logistics requirements. Simply concentrate on your core business and leave the rest to DEKRA’s experts in event & logistics services.

Professional service

Due to its wide range of services, DEKRA Event & Logistics Services has been one of the most successful providers of professional event, transport and logistics solutions for many years. And not only in Germany, but on an international level (throughout Europe). We are currently cooperating with companies in 20 foreign countries, which means that we are able to coordinate your cross-border projects, as well as implement them smoothly on-site with linguistically and culturally experienced staff, and taking into account your target audience.

Event & promotional personnel

Event & promotional personnel

The personnel who represent you at trade fairs and events are your figurehead. Take advantage of our expertise to make a great impression. Our professional, well-trained and experienced team provides you with support at events of any kind and size, both nationally and internationally This means that we always provide you with the perfect employee solution from our large network of qualified hosts, brand ambassadors and promotional staff. This enables us to guarantee smooth on-site operations as well as the best possible outcome for your company. Our pre-selection process takes into account a variety of factors such as international language skills, content-related competence and behaviours suited to the target audience. This includes, among other things, the realisation of customised requests for uniforms, as well on-site issues including the organisation of arrivals, departures and accommodation. In addition, all employees will be thoroughly familiarised with your products, goals and services in advance. In collaboration with you, we will develop a public image that suits you for long-running promotions, at trade fairs, or the point of sale (POS). On request, we can also create uniforms that fit in with your corporate image, tailor-made advertising materials. and give-away products.

Logistics & vehicle services

Logistics & vehicle services

Mobility and future-oriented transport and logistics solutions are high on the political agenda, but that’s not the only place they’re important. It is also crucial for the economy to keep up with the rapid pace of change, in order to keep an eye on new opportunities, innovations and potential savings as well as adjustments to the statutory requirements. But not all companies have the resources to deal with these challenges in a comprehensive manner. This is exactly where the DEKRA Arbeit Group’s transport and logistics portfolio comes in, offering its customers a wide range of tailor-made solutions. From holistic fleet management to project-specific service and mobility measures such as vehicle transfers, accident replacement vehicles, one-off shuttle services, and chauffeur services, right through to travel organisation, we implement solutions to your individual needs in a professional, cost-efficient and up-to-date manner.

Vehicle rental & driver services

Miet & Fahr

Even the best of planning can’t prevent you from exceeding your transport capacities, or from needing to take immediate action due to unforeseen orders. The CharterWay "Rent & Drive" rental service offers tailor-made access to almost all types of vehicles, as well as drivers with all types of licence. From normal car/truck transport and freight/distribution transport to special vehicles for refrigerated or dangerous goods – we can usually provide mobility solutions anywhere in Germany within 24 hours. And all from a single source, regardless of whether you need our support on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Market Research

Market research

Winning new customers isn’t easy. However, maintaining existing customer relationships long-term is even harder. Reviewing your own company’s (service) quality can provide valuable information both for acquiring new customers and for improving the loyalty of existing customers. In particular, mystery shopping trips and/or test purchases can help you to evaluate your business objectively, and thus come up with specific optimisation measures. Mystery shopping trips/test purchases involve trained observers (so-called test buyers) who act as normal customers and experience situations exactly as genuine customers would. We would be delighted to support you in effectively monitoring your own business with the help of our specially trained employees. (thus helping you to monitor your own business effectively.)

Project management / special projects

Project management / special projects

The aim of our “Project Management / Special Projects” portfolio of services is to deal with out-of-the-ordinary personnel requests. It doesn’t matter to our team of experts whether you need a project team for a completely new business idea, an employee with highly specialist expertise, or someone who can deal with a very unusual task, the core concept of this service range is to deal with extraordinary requests. We look forward to receiving challenging job profiles from you, and no matter how unusual the request we will find the right employee for you.


Mobility – Experience mobility in a new way

Digitalisation, self-driving vehicles and electromobility are just a few examples of the future world of transport. There are many more visions of what will keep people mobile and what will sustainably shape the future for good.
Uncommonly rapid development phases and complex systems pose new challenges to companies, both in terms of their own business models and typical processes as well as when cooperating. Anyone who wants to be at the front of the pack has to revolutionise the way they do business.
DEKRA is heavily involved in the development of various mobility solutions and, in this way, is contributing towards the implementation of first transport service offerings along with various vehicle services. Our services enable our customers to achieve their projects easier, faster and more efficiently, while also being safer at the same time. Our expertise will guide you through the world of new mobility.

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