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Our service portfolio is still available to you without any restriction. The central infrastructure and our IT systems are secured by special measures for crisis situations.

Our contact persons are available for you as usual by e-mail and telephone.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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The personnel services agency with expertise, experience, and vision

Qualified personnel. At the right time.

Personnel services are booming, and are in great demand. Why? The modern working world is changing, and the job market in Germany is perhaps more dynamic than ever. There is one crucial constant in today’s world: good employees.

But what does that mean for you?
And how can you profit from it?

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Our vision

Imagine a world where solidarity is the key to success.
Acting together.
Standing by each other. This is who we are, and that's how we’ll stay!

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The latest news from the personnel services sector

Our news section is filled with useful information from the temporary employment sector, as well as news about the DEKRA Arbeit Group and our projects.




Active on your behalf throughout Europe –
the DEKRA Arbeit Group job board network

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