Contracting ability and earnings

Contracting ability and earnings

The employment contract with a temporary employment agency is subject to the general statutory provisions such as sick pay legislation, maternity leave, severe disability law, etc. – it is therefore a regulated permanent position, which includes all welfare. This also applies in full to use-free time, if no suitable job should be available for client companies.

Your salary will depend on the services specified in the employment contract. Since DEKRA Arbeit joined the collective agreement of the Federal Temporary Work Association in 2004, you can be sure that your wage level is appropriate to your work. Although the nature of the “temporary work” employment model may seem a bit strange for many people, it is a completely respectable employment relationship that not without reason has also consolidated its foothold in the labor market in recent years.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our local staff consultants at any time.


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