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2019 is another strong year for the apprenticeship as personnel services

2019 is another strong year for the apprenticeship as personnel services merchant

In September many trainees started their apprenticeship - among them about 1000 prospective personnel service merchants. At DEKRA Arbeit as well many trainees start into their first year of education. But what contains this apprenticeship and why do more young people show interest for this training?

Strong demand for a top apprenticeship

Since more than eleven years the apprenticeship as personnel services merchant exist. Throughout Germany it is offered by various personnel service companies, as well as by DEKRA Arbeit Group. From the year 2008, when this apprenticeship has come to life, more than 8.000 successful graduations have been achieved. This number is a sign for the positive demand.

PDK training has been among the top 100 training occupations for many years. While the training is naturally suitable for career starters, it also offers career changers an attractive opportunity for career reorientation.

Many possibilities by the personnel service merchant apprenticeship

The various ways to enter is only one of the many reasons why the demand is at a steady rise. But also the chances for further education as well as the manifold career possibilities play a significant role. After the successful graduation of the apprenticeship there are no more hurdles for a successful entrance in the HR-area, for example at a classical personnel services company. No matter what the future has in store, the personnel service merchant apprenticeship is the first step on a way with many chances for your career. DEKRA Arbeit wishes all prospective personnel service merchants a lot of success. Are you currently looking for an apprenticeship, or have you just passed it and are looking for a new company with a breath of fresh air? Visit our job market for a wide range of new career opportunities.

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